A handgun is a firearm that its original design was to make it easy to carry and fire with just one hand. There are different types of pistols available on the market today and they range from the revolver to the semi-automatic then the automatic. Picking the right one should be your number one priority.

Most folks do not take into consideration “size” when they buy a handgun. And by size, we mean size every way. You have to consider your body size and the gun size. This goes a long way in giving you ease with or around the gun. So before getting a handgun make sure you ask the right questions because it can make a big difference after you have purchased the pistol.
Most handgun dealers have a shooting range where they train you as to how to use a pistol. Take time to fit it and pick the one that better suits you. Before going for one try out the unloaded gun to test the ease with which you can carry and fire it and how well it fits into your hands. Some of these things to consider include;

The Size of the Handgun
This matters when compared to your hand size. How easy it fits can tell you have the right one.

Handgun Fit – What to Consider
Just like tailoring your clothes to fit your body, handguns are the essentially the same. The first thing to consider is the grip, then the grip length. These two work together to help you get the best handgun. How perfect your grip is when the handgun is in your hand tells you how easy and comfortable you’ll be able to handle the handgun and this also helps with recoil control. Just like motorbikes have different sizes for different heights, so also true with a handgun. When this is done, you consider the heft of the gun and length of the grip. This has everything to do with how you can be able to conceal the weapon and how much load you will be willing to carry with you for extended periods.

Smaller May Not Be Best
The good thing about small pistols that a lot of people think about is that they are easier to carry and easy to conceal. That being said, they are harder to grip, harder to shoot, have low capacity, low caliber. It does not really have to be high power to cause damage, and the perceived recoil is increased. Requires skilled people to be able to hit a target correctly and does not have the same recognition and intimidation factor like the large guns.

Use Dictates the Size
What you want to use the handgun dictates the size you will want. Body statures do come into consideration. Aside from ammunition capacity, caliber, various safety features, fit and feel, action time, and third-party support like holsters, lasers, and light, you must also decide how you want to use the handgun.

1. Personal protection
2. Concealed carrying
3. Home defense
4. Or shooting on the Range.

For personal protection and home defense, larger size handguns are advised. For conceal carrying, small pistols are the best and for range shooting any type will do just right.